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Lidl flatbread, pepperoni & garlic
Lidl flatbread, Buffalo style chicken
Lidl five cheese pizza
bacon stuffed mushrooms
Pillsbury® crescents, butter flake
Perfect Bar® protein bar, peanut butter
OH SNAP!® Dilly Bites®
Lidl mustard potato salad
Lidl milk & honey snack bars
Lidl milk & chocolate snack bars
Lidl meat and cheese combo pack, salami
Lidl meat and cheese combo pack, pepperoni
Lidl mashed potatoes
Lidl kosher dill pickle spears
Lidl kosher dill pickle chips
Lidl classic potato salad
Lidl classic homestyle coleslaw
Caesar salad kit
Lidl tzatziki dip
Lidl super spicy hummus
Lidl spinach dip
Lidl spinach dip
Sabra® roasted red pepper hummus
pico de gallo
organic hummus, roasted red pepper
organic hummus, roasted garlic
organic hummus, classic
Lidl mild salsa
Lidl medium salsa
Lidl hummus, roasted red pepper
Lidl hot guacamole
Lidl French onion sour cream dip
Lidl classic hummus, family size