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classic ciabatta
Lidl double chocolate muffins
Lidl chocolate chip muffins
Lidl chocolate chip mini muffins
Lidl blueberry muffins
pretzel, 4 pack
pastel de nata egg custard tart, 6 pack
mini sweet donuts, 6 pack
apple fritter, 6 pack
pretzel roll, 4 pack
dinner roll, 4 pack
crustini roll, 4 pack
cheese roll, 4 pack
vanilla iced donut with sprinkles, 6 pack
jelly-filled donut, 6 pack
glazed donut, 6 pack
white chocolate macadamia cookie, 6 pack
sugar cookie, 6 pack
peanut butter cookie, 6 pack
oatmeal raisin cookie, 6 pack
chocolate chunk cookie, 6 pack
walnut bread
tomato & olive focaccia bread, 4 pack
rustic baguette
rosemary olive oil bread
rosemary focaccia bread
multigrain seeded bread
German sourdough bread
French baguette
farmer's bread
raisin custard swirl, 4 pack
pain au chocolat, 4 pack
mini raisin viennoiserie, 6 pack
mini chocolate viennoiserie, 6 pack