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Charcuterie Board Inspirations

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Dairy, Eggs & Cheese

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Lidl 2% reduced fat milk
Lidl cinnamon rolls with vanilla icing
Lidl Preferred Selection Iberico cheese
extra aged Gouda cheese
Country Premium® buttery spread
Lidl cream cheese spread, blueberry
Green Mountain Farms Greek Cream Cheese
Lidl cream cheese spread, honey pecan


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Frozen Foods

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Snacks & Candy

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Lidl semi-dried unsulfured calimyrna figs
organic popcorn, sea salt
Medjool dates
Elite® milk chocolate bar
Lidl semi-dried pitted deglet noor dates
Lidl semi-dried fruit medley
Lidl tropical trail mix
Lidl Tex Mex trail mix
Lidl on-the-go trail mix, mountain
Lidl on-the-go trail mix, happy camper
Lidl mountain trail mix
Lidl indulgent trail mix
Lidl cajun trail mix
Lidl trail mix, cranberry almond cashew
Lidl berry & nut trail mix
Lidl Asian blend trail mix
Lidl omega 3 trail mix
Lidl antioxidant trail mix
Lidl reduced sugar muesli bars, hazelnut
Lidl reduced sugar muesli bars, chocolate
Lidl reduced sugar muesli bars, apple
Quaker® chewy chocolate chip bars
Lidl oats & peanut butter chewy fiber bars
Lidl oats & chocolate chewy fiber bars
Kind® dark chocolate nuts & sea salt
Kind® caramel almond & sea salt
Lidl granola fruit cookies
Lidl granola chocolate cookies
Lidl gluten free high protein bar, nut mix
Lidl yellow popping corn
Lidl white cheddar cheese flavored popcorn
Lidl fruit & nut granola bars, trail mix
Lidl crunchy peanut butter granola bars
Lidl crunchy oats n' honey granola bars
Clif Bar® white chocolate macadamia
Clif Bar® crunchy peanut butter
Clif Bar® chocolate chip
Snack Day peanut butter filled pretzels
organic popcorn, olive oil & sea salt